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• Info: derived from the x3270 font, a modern format of a font with high nostalgic value
• Info: A small, monospace, outline font that is geometrically regular and simple
• Reserved Font Name: AnonymousPro
• Info: inspired by Anonymous 9 on Macintosh, since 2009, distinct `O`, `0`, `I`, `l`, `1`
• Info: Metrically similar to Arial, pan-European WGL character set, sans serif
• Info: Sans serif, designed by Stephen G. Hartke which also created Verily Serif
• Info: nostalgic, closely based on IBM's 8x14 EGA/VGA charset
• Info: dotted zero, compact lowercase characters
• Reserved Font Name: CascadiaCode
• Info: A fun, new monospaced font that includes programming ligatures and is designed to enhance the modern look and feel of the Windows Terminal
• Reserved Font Name: IBMPlexMono
• Info: font release is currently missing
• Info: tunable, slashed zeros, compact smaller characters
• Info: similar to Courier New with better readability, dotted zeros
• Info: A monospaced font for programmers and other terminal groupies
• Info: dotted zero, based on the Bitstream Vera Fonts with a wider range of characters
• Info: good for small screens or font sizes
• Info: "wibbly-wobbly handwriting-like fuzziness", takes some inspiration from Inconsolata and Monaco
• Info: programming ligatures, extension of Fira Mono font, enlarged operators
• Info: Mozilla typeface, dotted zero
• Info: created specifically for the Go project, looks particularly clear for use with the Go language
• Info: bitmap font, tall capitals and ascenders, small serifs
• Info: dotted zero, short descenders, expands upon work done for Bitstream Vera & DejaVu, legible at common sizes
• Reserved Font Name: Hasklig
• Info: monospaced ligatures, makes composite glyphs (e.g. ->) more readable, especially in Haskell
• Info: Novel and unique design, dotted zero
• Reserved Font Name: Hermit
• Info: symbols stand out from common text
• Reserved Font Name: iA-Writer
• Info: A heavy modification of IBM's Plex font
• Info: slashed zero, takes inspiration from many different fonts and glyphs, subtle curves in lowercase
• Info: Inconsolata with straight quotes
• Info: Inconsolata with added the Cyrillic alphabet
• Info: narrow and horizontally tight characters, slashed zero
• Info: JetBrains officially created font for developers
• Info: very light and thin characters, sharp m's, `0` and `O` very similar
• Reserved Font Name: LiberationMono
• Info: `0` and `O` very similar, very short tight descenders
• Info: slashed zeros, customized version of Apple's Menlo
• Info: dotted zeros, slightly exaggerated curvy characters, compact characters
• Info: ligatures, distinguishable glyphs with short ascenders & descenders, large operators & punctuation
• Info: keeps in mind differentiation of characters and resolution sizes
• Info: Multiple styles and weights, many glyph sets (e.g. Kana glyphs)
• Info: `0` and `O` very similar, characters are either very curvy or straight lined
• Info: looks best with anti-aliasing turned off, squared off character corners, vertically tight small `s`
• Info: Designed particularly for use at small point sizes
• Info: designed specifically to alleviate reading errors caused by dyslexia
• Info: An open source font family inspired by Highway Gothic
• Info: dashed zero, curved and straight character lines
• Reserved Font Name: ShareTechMono
• Info: dotted zeros, distinguishable 1 and l, curved and straight character lines
• Reserved Font Name: SourceCodePro
• Info: Monospaced font family for user interface and coding environments
• Info: Squarish character lines, dotted zero, aggressive parethesis
• Reserved Font Name: Terminus
• Info: Squarish characters that are slightly askew
• Info: Some similarities to Times New Roman, designed by Steve Matteson, includes pan-European WGL character set
• Info: specially created for Ubuntu
• Info: dotted zeros, used the `n`, `o`, `H` & `O` Latin characters as a base for design
• Info: clean, crisp and narrow, with a large x-height and clear punctuation

Other Download & Install Options


brew tap homebrew/cask-fonts &&
brew install --cask font-<FONT NAME>-nerd-font

:// curl

    curl -fLo "<FONT NAME> Nerd Font Complete.otf" \<FONT_PATH>/complete/<FONT_NAME>%20Nerd%20Font%20Complete.otf

Bash Install Script

./ <FontName>

Unofficial Arch User Repository (AUR)