Release Changelog

v2.1.0 Release (2020.02.01)

v2.1.0 Details

New Features

  • Added new fonts:
    • IBM Plex (PR #253 @romen)
    • iA Writer (patched as iM Writing) (PR #326 @xasx)
    • Agave (PR #327 @xasx)
    • DaddyTimeMono (fixes #330)
    • Victor Mono (PR #364 @kule)
    • Cascadia Code (patched as Caskaydia Cove)
    • JetBrains Mono (PR #421 @Knovour, fixes #420, #425)
  • Added chocolatey install script (PR #259 @rahuliyer95)
  • Added PowerShell installation script for Windows (PR #357 @LZong-tw)
  • Added font previews to website (fixes #316)

Updates / Improvements

  • Updated most of the glyphs in the ‘original-source’ (PR #249 @danbee)
  • Updated font patcher script via refactor (PR #288 @haasosaurus)
  • Updated various fonts:
    • Updated Fira Code to version 1.206 (PR #298 @mashehu)
    • Updated ‘Fura’ to ‘Fira’ (PR #356 @ShalokShalom) (fixes #352)
    • Updated Fira Code to version 2.0 (PR #372 @hugo-vrijswijk, fixes #424)
    • Updated Iosevka to version 2.1.0 (PR #328 @MindTooth)
    • Updated Fantasque Sans Mono to version 1.8.0 (PR #423 @adzenith)
    • Updated Inconsolata to version 2.001 (fixes #289)
    • Updated Liberation to version 2.00.5 (fixes #344)
    • Updated Victor Mono to version 1.3.1 (fixes #388)
  • Added Cascadia Code to font sources (PR #374 @AaronFriel)
  • Added new language translations:
    • Added Polish readme (PR #301 @P1X3L0V4)
    • Added Spanish readme (PR #378 @Tamh)
    • Added Korean readme (PR #382 @ParkSB)
    • Added Ukrainian readme (PR #392 @igavelyuk)
    • Added Japanese readme (PR #389 @delphinus)
    • Added Italian readme (PR #427 @JGiola)
  • Added documentation about ligatures for patched fonts (PR #315 @sideeffffect)


  • Fixed monospace overlapping (PR #283 @haasosaurus, fixes #270)
  • Fixed glyph bears in monospaced variants (PR #394 @Finii)
  • Fixed archive artifact script not including all fonts (fixes #418)
  • Fixed URLs in font table (PR #260 @raffclar)
  • Fixed possible mixed content error on website for Google Fonts (PR #276 @mashehu)
  • Fixed UX of font-patcher log to be inside <details> block (PR #291 @kevinSuttle)
  • Fixed bash scripts execution from non-standard bash (PR #282 @deadloko)
  • Fixed missing variations of Meslo (PR #308 @segevfiner fixes #302)
  • Fixed typo (PR #331 @mikeshatch)
  • Fixed typo in css class and cheatsheet (fixes #285)
  • Fixed including uuid files (ignored) (PR #371 @lebel)
  • Fixed RFN for Anka Coder (PR #376 @gunman808)
  • Fixed BigBlueTerminal font formatting in readme (PR #381 @this-is-you)
  • Fixed formatting of Agave readme (PR #379 @Roshanjossey)
  • Fixed link to Fish Shell on website (PR #385 @kaykayehnn)
  • Fixed showcase images in FiraCode readme (PR #405 @equwal)
  • Fixed outdated AUR references (PR #416 @sudoLife)
  • Fixed elixir image src in Fira Code readme (PR #419 @kadimisetty)
  • Fixed missing Italic variation for SourceCodePro (fixes #271)
  • Fixed English text in French translation (PR #322 @leoz2007)
  • Fixed exit code in install script (PR #361 @evaryont)
  • Fixed link of Caskroom (PR #349 @satoryu)

v2.0.0 Release

v2.0.0 Details

New Features

  • Added new fonts:
    • Noto (all variations) (#213)
    • Overpass Mono (fixes #177)
    • BigBlue Terminal (fixes #170)
    • Dyslexic (fixes #217)
    • Iosevka Term variant (no ligatures) (fixes #198)
    • FiraCode TTF variant (fixes #244)
    • SourceCodePro italics variant (fixes #236)
  • Added new glyph sets:
  • Added new glyphs to core:
    • Elm (fixes #172)
    • Elixir (fixes #228)
    • Electron (fixes #237)
  • Added new translations:
    • Added Traditional Chinese of readme (partially fixes #118) (PR #222) (@MindyTai)
    • Added French readme (partially fixes #118) (PR #251) (@pgrimaud)
  • Added ability to remove ligatures via the --removeligatures option in font-patcher
  • Added --configfile option to font-patcher

Updates / Improvements

  • Updated Hack font to latest version (v3.003) (fixes #216) (with help from @chrissimpkins)
  • Updated Iosevka to the latest version (v1.14.0) (fixes #229)
  • Updated Fantasque Sans Mono to the latest version (v1.7.2) (fixes #240)
  • Updated MPlus version from 1.018 to 1.063
  • Updated documentation for urxvt wcwidth implementations (fixes #155)
  • Updated logos and Sankey diagram

Breaking Updates / Improvements / Changes

  • Updated Font Logos (formerly Font Linux) to latest version (fixes #157)


  • Fixed incorrect exitcode returned from installer (fixes #218) (PR #230 @Phuurl)
  • Fixed 3270 font not being valid/installable on Windows (fixes #12, #196)
  • Fixed weather variables script typo (PR #242 @snown)
  • Fixed Monospaced fonts having ligatures by default (fixed Meslo Mono having ligatures) (fixes #186)
  • Fixed Hasklig ExtraLight & Light variants (fixes #231)

v1.2.0 Release

v1.2.0 Details

New Features

  • Added new fonts:
    • Arimo (fixes #206) (PR #207 @Ksbugbee)
    • Go-Mono (PR #199 @bbrks)
    • Tinos (fixes #200) (PR #201 @jerezereh)
    • InconsolataLGC (PR #205 @iloginow)
    • Cousine (fixes #208) (PR #209 @de-olagundoye)
  • Added Contributors section to Website and Repo (fixes #160) (PR #202, PR #204 @lucasreed)
  • Added Travis CI and integrated with ShellCheck script (fixes #120) (#212 PR @andrewimeson)
  • Added new translations:
    • Added Russian translation of readme (partially fixes #118) (PR #203 @magauran)
    • Added Mandarin Chinese translation of readme (partially fixes #118) (PR #214 @hiby90hou)

Updates / Improvements

  • Updated Hasklig (Hasklug) font from version 1.0 to 1.1 (fixes #188) (PR #215 @fernandomora)
  • Updated fontconfig with monospace (PR #211 @Tyilo)


  • Fixed font-patcher relative path issues with glyph sources (PR #193 @theGivingTree)
  • Fixed install script not being callable from other directories (PR #194 @Twanislas)
  • Fixed broken links (@reujab)
  • Fixed minor misc readme issues

v1.1.0 Release

v1.1.0 Details

New Features

  • Added shell helper script (and shell variables) for referencing glyphs (PR #147 @powerman)
  • Added new fonts:
    • InconsoltaGo (PR #130 @sodiumjoe)
    • Ubuntu (non mono) (fixes #134)
  • Added release script (fixes #137)
  • Added better terminal and font test scripts
  • Added CSS file for using Nerd Fonts on websites
  • Added script to build CSS file with classes to use Nerd Font glyphs
  • Added --adjust-line-height option to font-patcher

Updates / Improvements

  • Updated ‘Features’ section counts (fixes #117) (PR #122 @OmarB97)
  • Updated location of readme images (PR #149 @agriffis)
  • Updated DejaVu version from 2.33 to 2.37 (and removes the DejaVu for Powerline) (PR #151 @agriffis)
  • Updated Reserved Font Name (RFN) details and provides clarification (fixes #136)
  • Updated Ubuntu Mono version from 0.80 to 0.83 and adds missing Bold and Italic variants (fixes #134)
  • Updated FiraCode version from 1.102 to 1.204 (fixes #180) (PR #181 @aidanharris)
  • Updated install and Quick Links info in readme
  • Updated Homebrew font install in readme
  • Updated readme with AUR package links
  • Updated readme with links to’s Cheat Sheet
  • Updated readme with ‘TL;DR’ section and re-ordering of font install options (fixes #124)
  • Updated readme with more details on font install options
  • Updated various readme sections
  • Updated contributing markdown with better information
  • Updated explanations of --mono option and monospace in general (fixes #165)
  • Updated font-patcher progress bars styling
  • Updated script to support installing to global system paths via -U (default) or -S flags (PR #187 @brennanfee)


  • Fixed Powerline glyphs sizes, alignment and offsets (fixes #26)
  • Fixed FAQ links in .github/ (PR #132 @polyzen)
  • Fixed Homebrew command instructions in readme (PR #133 @teddy-error)
  • Fixed markdown rendering issues in readme (PR #148 @aloisdg)
  • Fixed glyph offsets (especially Powerline) (fixes #142)
  • Fixed incorrect typeface names on some fonts (fixes #126)
  • Fixed Font Linux screenshot with correct code points (fixes #138) (PR #149 @agriffis)
  • Fixed trailing spaces in readme (clean-up) (PR #167 @thyrlian)
  • Fixed wiki link in issue template (fixes #174) (PR #179 @kballard)
  • Fixed misc typos and link references in readme and font-patcher (PR #184 @reujab)
  • Fixed font family name conflicts by adding Mono to single-width fonts (fixes #176) (PR #178 @kballard)
  • Fixed font-patcher progress bar rounding output (PR #183 @reujab)
  • Fixed executing scripts from other directories (PR #185 @reujab)
  • Fixed missing glyph e0ca (ice waveform mirrored) (fixes #182)
  • Fixed Hasklig (Hasklug) SIL OFL compliance issue
  • Fixed missing or out of date patched font readmes
  • Fixed font-patcher glyph set count not ignoring empty codepoints
  • Fixed font-patcher progress bars stopping at incorrect percentage

v1.0.0 Release

v1.0.0 Details

New Features

  • Added 6 new fonts:
    • Code New Roman (enhancement #85)
    • Gohu (enhancement #90)
    • Hasklig (enhancement PR #103) (@jrolfs)
    • Mononoki (enhancement #89)
    • Share Tech Mono (enhancement #105)
    • Space Mono (enhancement #93)
  • Added new Glyph Sets:
  • Added additional methods to download the fonts:
    • Support for Home Brew fonts (enhancement #72)
    • Archive downloads via releases with scripts to generate archive downloads for patched fonts (enhancement #32)
  • Added single Nerd Fonts glyphs only fonts for Fontconfig aliasing (enhancement #84)
  • Added TTF version of Terminess (Terminus) font (fixes #23)
  • Added support for custom symbol fonts (with --custom flag) (PR #107 @sharkusk)
  • Added progress bars options: --progressbars & --no-progressbars to patcher script
  • Added --postprocess flag to allow additional scripts to run after patching (related to #70)

Updates / Improvements

  • Improved repository size greatly (partially fixes #73)
    • Provides only complete version of patched fonts by default (others are still possible via patcher script)
  • Removed minimal version of patched fonts (not particularly useful)
  • Removed variation versions of patched fonts and instead provides generated list of commands for each combination
  • Updated Font Awesome to the latest version v4.7.0:
  • Updated Octicons font from v3.2.0 to v4.4.0
    • Last version with font support
    • Adds glyphs: verified, smiley, unverified, ellipses, file, grabber, plus-small, reply
    • Various glyph modifications and fixes
  • Updated DejaVu Sans Mono from version 2.33 to 2.37
  • Updated readme with information on shallow cloning (enhancement #102)
  • Updated readme with better readability, prose, and removes some passive voice issues
  • Updated sankey diagram in readme with a more visual representation of the glyphs combined
  • Updated readability and format of changelog (even past versions)
  • Removed redundant flag --limit-font-name-length


  • Added missing glyphs in range 2630 through 2637 (trigrams) to DejaVu Sans Mono (fixes #100)
  • Fixed various missing glyphs such as heart, zap, desktop (fixes #87)
  • Fixed several long standing issues (fix & enhancement PR #107) (@sharkusk)
    • glyphs (scaling and positioning) (fixes #74)
    • Monospaced font issues
    • Windows and macOS issues (fixes #111)
  • Fixed font name for glyph font ‘PowerlineExtraSymbols.otf’ (fixes #109)
  • Fixed and tweaked various powerline gaps (PR #107 @sharkusk)
  • Fixed Hack hints being removed in patched versions (Knack) (fixes #70, with help from @chrissimpkins)
  • Fixed various issues with ‘–careful’ flag (PR #107 @sharkusk)
  • Fixed missing codepoint conflict information for Octicons & Font Awesome (fixes #116) (image from @kaymmm)
  • Fixed and refactored various code logic and style

v0.8.0 Release

v0.8.0 Details
  • Added 2 new fonts:
  • Added new Glyph set: Font Linux (enhancement #75)
  • Updated font install script to limit to a single font family (more typical use case) (enhancement PR #82) (@rawkode)
  • Updated readme: Misc readability tweaks and clean-up
  • Fixed Powerline Symbols not correctly rendering (if font already has the symbols) (fixes #78)
  • Fixed AttributeError with Python 3 version of font patcher script (fixes #79)
  • Fixed certain Hack/Knack font style sets by updating version of Hack to v2.020 (fixes #63)

v0.7.0 Release

v0.7.0 Details
  • Added 3 new fonts:
    • Monoid (enhancement #54)
    • Roboto Mono (enhancement #55)
    • Fira Code (enhancement PR #62, fixes #59) (@jrolfs)
  • Added 1 new font variant:
    • Proggy Clean (Slashed Zero) (fixes #69)
  • Added contributing and issue PR templates (enhancement #66)
  • Added Python 3 version of the font-patcher script (fixes #49)
  • Improved explanation of font choices (complete vs alternative vs minimal choices) with bash script to maintain (fixes #52)
  • Updated Hack to v2.019 (fixes #53)
  • Updated Font Awesome to the latest version v4.5.0 (20 new icons) (fixes #48):
  • Fixed fonts showing as duplicates in OS X Font Book (fixes #56, enhancement PR #61) (@jrolfs)
  • Fixed Powerline Symbols not being applied correctly to patched fonts since v0.5.0 (fixes #68, fix PR #71) (@F1LT3R)

v0.6.1 Release

v0.6.1 Details
  • Added ‘font installation’ section from vim-devicons with changes (enhancement PR #47) (@her)
  • Improved various readme updates and fixes: Improved section headers, gitter badge, misc
  • Fixed possible error with --careful flag (fixes #45)
  • Fixed default font directory on linux install script to ~/.local/share/fonts as the previous was deprecated (fix PR #51) (@shaief)
  • Fixed broken curl download example (fixes #50)

v0.6.0 Release

v0.6.0 Details
  • Updated Font naming conventions and directory paths that are more manageable (partially fixes #32, #42)
  • Updated Font variations to use same Font Family (partially fixes #25, #42)
  • Updated Hack/Knack font to v2.018 (enhancement #39)
  • Updated Source Code Pro (Sauce Code Pro) font to v2.010/v1.030 (enhancement #33)
  • Updated Octicons font to v3.2.0 plus latest master commits
  • Updated readme with alternate OSX install and execution options (enhancement #38)
  • Improved performance of ‘Multiple Fonts Patcher (Gotta Patch ‘em All Font Patcher!) by using parallelization (background processes) (enhancement #44)
  • Added new flag/option to font patcher (–outputdir) to allow specifying where to save patched font instead of current directory (enhancement #44)
  • Added ‘Powerline Extra’ symbols (enhancement #30, #35)
  • Added more Glyphs from Vim-devicons glyph set (various folders, Go, Windows logo, Vim logo, etc)
  • Fixed patched fonts not retaining glyph names (fixes #41)
  • Fixed Ligatures being lost/overwritten when patching (fixes #43)
  • Regenerated all patched fonts

v0.5.1 Release

v0.5.1 Details
  • Added Gitter chat badge
  • Updated readme with badges

v0.5.0 Release

v0.5.0 Details
  • Added Hack font (as ‘Knack’ for now) (enhancement PR #28) (@cheba)
  • Updated and improved all fonts patcher script (enhancement PR #27) (@cheba)
  • Updated Font Awesome to the latest version v4.4.0
    • for more details see
  • Updated readme with Reserved Font Name info, Hack font, and various version updates
  • Updated the directory structures to make it easier to find font styles
  • Updated all patch fonts to use latest changes and fixes
  • Fixed unicode codepoints for Font Awesome glyphs (fixes #31)
  • Fixed potential SIL Open Font License (OFL) issue with ‘Fira Mono’ (patched as ‘Fura’)

v0.4.1 Release

v0.4.1 Details
  • Fixed wrong em sizes on some glyphs (particularly Font Awesome) (fixes #24)
    • Regenerated all patched fonts
  • Added version, comment and fontlog (with changelog notes) to fonts
  • Added image: non text version of patcher logo
  • Removed misc unnecessary code (clean-up)
  • Updated changelog: added missing release details and updated other releases

v0.4.0 Release

v0.4.0 Details
  • Added support for ‘octicons’, ‘font-awesome’ font glyphs
  • Added missing font combinations
  • Added Hermit (as ‘Hurmit’ to comply with SIL Open Font License (OFL)) font
  • Added more sample fonts (Hermit and SourceCodePro variants)
  • Added logos
  • Added ‘Code of Conduct’
  • Added missing Pomicons.otf source file and update .gitignore (fixes #19)
  • Added ‘all fonts patcher script’ pattern parameter support (fuzzy matching)
  • Updated readme: python-fontforge minimum version & link to FontForge install docs (enhancement PR #18) (@blueyed)
  • Updated readme: various misc improvements and fixes
  • Fixed font-patcher to only load Pomicons.otf with ‘–pomicons’ flag (enhancement PR #20) (fixes #19) (@blueyed)
  • Fixed other misc issues
  • Added font files versioning

v0.3.1 Release

v0.3.1 Details
  • Updated readme
  • Fixed font patcher output name for Mono fonts
  • Fixed patcher overwriting fonts with ‘Mono’ versions preventing all combinations from being generated (only 220 instead of 352)
  • Fixed more possible license issues by completely removed ‘Input Mono’ font related files
  • Fixed all patched fonts: Re-patched all the fonts due to issue with font patcher and all fonts

v0.3.0 Release

v0.3.0 Details
  • Added new fonts, set up unpatched sources, and set up patched version folders (enhancement #10)
    • Fonts: 3270, Aurulent Sans Mono, Bitstream Vera Sans Mono, Heavy Data, Lekton, MPlus (M+), ProFont
  • Added script to re-patch all of the fonts (work in progress) for enhancement (enhancement #11)
  • Added pomicon glyphs (enhancement #14)
  • Updated devicons font source to latest version 1.8.0 release
  • Updated the range to include new glyphs from latest devicons 1.8.0 (work toward but NOT does not fix #12)
  • Updated scripts and files: various clean-up and refactoring tasks
  • Updated readme

v0.2.1 Release

v0.2.1 Details
  • Added fonts install script for Linux and Mac OS (enhancment PR #5) (@srijanshetty)
  • Added detection and warnings when using unsupported (old) fontforge versions (fixes #6)
  • Added missing patched fonts
  • Fixed Licensing compliance issues (#7)
    • includes removing PragmataPro (@abl)
  • Updated readme: misc updates and tweaks

v0.2.0 Release

v0.2.0 Details
  • True mono support
    • Script can now build single and double width glyphs!
  • Added details of cli parameters and updated fonts list with the true mono spaced fonts (#4)
  • Added/fixed mono fonts single width glyphs support
  • Updated readme

v0.1.2 Release

v0.1.2 Details
  • Updated readme with better description and explanation of the options available
  • Added new unpatched font PragmataPro for Powerline
  • Added new patched font PragmataPro for Powerline Plus Nerd File Types

v0.1.1 Release

v0.1.1 Details
  • Fixes scaling issues in first set of glyphs in certain fonts (fixes issue #1)

v0.1.0 Release

v0.1.0 Details
  • Release
  • Inital port from ‘features/1-script-patch-fonts’ branch on vim-webdevicons repo